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The Super Pro Tractors are Scheduled to Compete at Truckers 4 Hope

Donnie Hebenthal and "Mechanically Inclined"
Donnie Hebenthal and "Mechanically Inclined"

Mill Hall, PA. (September 18, 2023)- The Weakland's Mechanic Shop and Wreckers Super Pro Tractors will roll into the Clinton County Fairgrounds this Friday for Truckers 4 Hope. Zundel's Hay and Grain Farm generously donated the class purse for this benefit event.

The points race is close for the Super Pro Tractors for their first full season with CS Pulling Promotions. The young driver of the "Steel City Smoker" Light Pro Stock, Colton Zundel, was leading points into the last event. After dealing with mechanical issues, he could not make a pass at the American Legion County Fair and ended up in a tie for third place with Greg Ferrringer and "Smokin' John". Donnie Hebenthal and the "Mechanically Inclined" Limited Pro, took the lead in points coming into our next event. Devin Riggin and the "Bandit" Limited Pro Tractor took the second place position in points over. Mike Weakland has been switching back and forth between his Light Pro and Limited Pro setup. He has proved to be very competitive this season. You won't want to miss this class at the Truckers 4 Hope benefit pull.

The Super Pro Tractor division is sponsored by Weakland's Mechanic Shop and Wrecker Service.

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