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Media pass

All requests for media passes must be submitted online using the Media Pass Request form below. All requests must be submitted a minimum of one week (7 days) before the day of the event.

Approved requests will receive a confirmation letter via email with further information. A media pass does not grant you free access into the event/venue. Anyone caught live streaming or broadcasting the event in any way is subject to removal from the designated media area. 

Newspapers/Magazines/Internet Media
Publisher, Reporters, Editors, Photographers, Webmasters


Radio Stations
Owner, Program Director, General Manager, News Reporters, News Director, On-Air Personnel, Assistant News Director, Producers.


Television Stations
Owner, News Reporters, General Manager, Producers (non-advertising), News Director, On-Air Personnel, Assistant News Director, Field Producers, Program Director, Videographers, Assignment Editors, Production (non-advertising)

Media Pass Request

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