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Immediate Rule Change for the Hot Farm Tractor Class

Tionesta, PA. (July 31, 2023)- After much thought, a rule change was made to the 466 Hot Farm Tractor class to allow the big cubic inch Hot Farm Tractors to compete in the division. This rule change will be in effect immediately.

The 466 Hot Farm Tractors' current points will remain in effect until the season's end. The 466 Tractors will run 500 lbs heavier than the big cubic inch Hot Farm Tractors at the first pull. The class weights will be adjusted to keep these tractors as competitive as possible. "We are excited to welcome the Hot Farm Tractors on board with CS Pulling Promotions. They are a valuable asset to the growth of the class" said Chase Steinman. "After running the class for a year and a half, the team at CS Pulling Promotions felt this was the only way to continue to grow the class."

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