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Champion’s Pullin’ for Children Truck and Tractor Pull Set for June 22-23 at Pinelake Raceway and Trails

Champion’s Pullin’ for Children Truck and Tractor Pull Set for June 22-23 at Pinelake Raceway and Trails

Jefferson, OH. (May 23, 2024) - Get ready for a weekend of high-octane excitement and family-friendly fun at the Champion’s Pullin’ for Children Truck and Tractor Pull, happening June 22nd and 23rd at Pinelake Raceway and Trails in Jefferson, Ohio. This annual event promises thrilling competition, outdoor adventures, and a community-focused atmosphere, all in support of local children's charities.

Event Details:

  • Dates: June 22nd and 23rd, 2024

  • Location: Pinelake Raceway and Trails, 7652 Doe Creek Lane, Jefferson, OH

  • Time: Gates open at 12:00 PM, with events starting at 2:00 PM

Day 1: Saturday, June 22nd CS Pulling Promotions will kick off the event with a spectacular lineup of classes, including:

  • Unlimited Street Diesel Trucks

  • 3.0 Limited Pro Diesel 4X4 Trucks

  • Light Limited Super Stock Tractors

  • Super Pro Tractors

  • Pro Modified Trucks

  • 6350lb Modified Trucks

  • 410 Super Stock Trucks

  • Cool Street Semis

  • Unlimited Street Semis

  • Chrome Depot Inc. Super Semi Trucks

Known for delivering top-quality shows, CS Pulling Promotions guarantees a night of roaring engines and breathtaking pulls that will leave the audience on the edge of their seats.

Day 2: Sunday, June 23rd The excitement continues with Power Pulling Productions taking the helm, featuring classes such as:

  • 410 Super Stock Trucks

  • Pro Stock 4X4 Trucks

  • Limited Pro Tractors

  • Super Farm/Hot Farm Tractors

  • 3.0 Limited Pro Diesel 4X4 Trucks

  • Super Pro Tractors

As a member state of the Pro Pulling League, Power Pulling Productions brings elite-level competition and top-tier production quality. Fans can expect to see some of the best pullers in the country go head-to-head in a showdown at this event.

2-Day Bonus Challenge: This year, we are introducing a special 2-day bonus for the 3.0 Limited Pro Diesel 4X4 Trucks and Super Pro Tractors. The best average pull distance over the two days will win:

  • 1st Place: $300.00

  • 2nd Place: $200.00

  • 3rd Place: $100.00

Additional Activities:

  • Camping: On-site camping is permitted, allowing fans to fully immerse themselves in the weekend's festivities. Campers can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and community atmosphere.

  • Fishing: There is a pond on-site for those looking to relax and cast a line.

  • ATV Trails: Plenty of trails are available for running ATVs, adding an extra layer of adventure for attendees.

Live Streaming:

Can't make it to the event? No problem! The entire event will be streamed live on, bringing all the action straight to your screen wherever you are.

About the Organizers:

  • CS Pulling Promotions is renowned for its top-quality truck and tractor pull events, engaging fans with thrilling performances and high standards of competition.

  • Power Pulling Productions, affiliated with the Pro Pulling League, represents the pinnacle of professional pulling, featuring highly skilled competitors and exceptional event production.

This year's Champion’s Pullin’ for Children Truck and Tractor Pull is not just about motorsport thrills; it’s also about giving back to the community. Proceeds from the event will support Shriner's Children's Hospital, helping to provide essential services and support to those in need.

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